Emma Palmer-Cooper, Blog Editor, 2ndJuly, 2019

The ECHR Group was founded to support early career researchers investigating hallucinations and/or unusual experiences. Support comes from a network to link and form collaborations with, and share knowledge. With the development of the Group, we have realised there is a need to create our own space and identity online to showcase the work we do. This started with Twitter, sharing publications and other work by our members, with the hashtag #ECHRpubs, and other items of interest.

We decided to expand our online presence by developing a Group website and blog. Welcome! The website provides information about the ECHR and its members. With the blog we plan to provide updates, synopses and overviews of work we are conducting, publications we have written, conferences we have attended, and ECHR events.


The blog will provide an opportunity for members to develop science communication skills, which are increasingly important in psychology and healthcare research more generally. Sharing our work with people outside of our immediate field of research, and the wider public, will help improve the reach and impact of our research and findings. We also hope this blog will promote transparency of Group activity. By sharing experiences at conferences and meetings, we can relay what happened and with whom, and demonstrate more clearly what we do.

We welcome submissions to the blog by Group members about any relevant topic. We would also encourage submission from people with experience of hallucinations and other related phenomenon; this might be about participation in a study, about some research you find interesting, or advice for ECRs on how to engage with individuals and organisations that may be interested in research.