Pablo Sabucedo

Cuadrada II - Pablo Sabucedo
– Clinical Psychologist

Visiting Lecturer and Doctoral Candidate, University of Roehampton (United Kingdom)




Bio: I am a clinical psychologist focused on teaching, practising and researching psychotherapy. I hold a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology at the University of Leiden (Holland) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychotherapy at the University of Almería (Spain). I have been practising as a clinician since 2014. I am especially interested in researching non-psychotic hallucination, and felt presences, in the context of bereavement, as well as their relationship to culture. I am currently pursuing a PhD on this topic at the University of Roehampton (England) under the guidance of Prof. Chris Evans and Dr. Jacqueline Hayes. General areas of interest: (i) hallucination research, (2) cultural psychiatry and psychiatric anthropology and (3) integrative psychotherapy.

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