Ben Alderson-Day

BenAlderson-Day_bw_400x400 - Ben Alderson-Day– PhD

Assistant Professor (Research), Durham University






Bio: I have been working on the topic of voice-hearing and unusual sensory experiences (sometimes known as hallucinations) since 2012, when I joined the Hearing the Voice project at Durham University. Since then I have been involved in research on voices in relation to inner speech, dissociation, spiritual and non-clinical experiences, inhibition, predictive processing, reading, sleep, technology, CBT, felt presences, social cognition, and music (in no particular order). In 2015-2016 I led an ICHR working group on resting-state fMRI and auditory hallucinations, and I have contributed to 8 working groups in the ICHR since 2014. In 2018 I founded the ECHR with Cassie Hazell as a way to bring together early-career researchers working on similar topics. Before moving to Durham I completed a PhD on autism at the University of Edinburgh, and I worked as a research co-ordinator for a child & adolescent mental health research team in the NHS in York.

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